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Medical nail cutting: This treatment includes correct nail cutting and filing of nails, as you might have guessed! However, a lot of people suffer with thickened nails (Onychauxis – due to trauma and various other causes), which require thinning down to ensure the best and most comfortable cut is given. This is a painless treatment and you will be sure to feel the benefits at the end!

Calluses: Calluses are thickened and hardened areas of skin, especially in areas that have been subjected to friction. These can be painful and unsightly but can easily, safely and painlessly be removed. I will also advise you on how to keep this at bay in the future.

Corns: Corns are small circles of thick skin that are caused due to friction/pressure. These can occur anywhere on the foot and can be extremely painful to walk on. Often these can be brought on due to ill-fitting shoes however advice will be given as to the cause and future prevention after I have removed the corn/corns.

Verrucae: Verrucae are caused by the human papilloma virus and can be very stubborn to shift! They come in all shapes and sizes and although they are usually painless, the larger ones can be due to the build-up of skin. I offer a variety of different treatments, a lot of which will depend on your age, medical history and severity of the verruca. These treatments are not intrusive however if deemed to be a very severe case, a referral can be made to a local podiatrist for further options.

Fungal nail infections (Including athlete’s foot): These infections are incredibly common and should not be a cause of embarrassment! They can take a long time to get rid of, however with persistence and compliance with advice given, not impossible! Each case will be individually assessed and advice will be given to ensure the best possible chance of improvement.

Ingrown toenails: This is a condition where the nail curves and grows into the skin. The medical name is Onychcryptosis and can be caused by incorrect cutting of the nail, genetics, narrow fitting shoes and more! They can be extremely painful and if infected, should first be assessed by your GP before any removal can take place. In severe cases, partial or full nail removal may be necessary and a referral can be made. Often though, they can be resolved in your own home.

Diabetic foot care: Good foot health care is essential if you are a diabetic! Due to the nature of the condition, you can suffer with nerve damage and circulation issues and the foot is often the first part of your body to suffer. Regular treatments will help prevent serious problems as often even small issues can lead to ulcers or even amputation if ignored! I cannot stress enough the importance of taking extra care of your feet if suffering with diabetes. For more information on this condition, please visit:


"Georgie has been treating my feet for 2 years. I'm 58 and my poor feet when not in military boots were in trainers getting hammered!. I can honestly say my feet are better now than the last 20 years! A smashed and infected big toe coupled with deep dry skin and cracks made my feet an absolute embarrassment 2 years ago and painful to walk. Now with time and effort from Georgie and myself, flip flops were worn this summer without embarrassment and walking is no longer painful. Some of the best money I have ever spent". - Christopher

“An absolutely brilliant service. Lovely lady with a friendly and happy face throughout. Highly recommend”.   5* from Danielle

“I highly recommend Gina for your common foot ailments. She will instantly relax you and put you at ease, and will make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment”. 5* from Kerry

"G. has been looking after the 'problem' feet of my 94yr old Mum for several years and we can't recommend her highly enough. She's extremely competent, caring, super nice and we are very lucky to have found such a great Foot Health Practitioner" - Rose